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 A real kick to the seeds

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A real kick to the seeds Empty
PostSubject: A real kick to the seeds   A real kick to the seeds I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 09, 2011 10:58 pm

[img]A real kick to the seeds 6ex6o[/img]
Ok so i was about to lose because he had all the monsters you see before you and i was going to lose next turn since i had no monsters.But i pulled off a win by:
-playing seed cannon
-using both trees to bring back 2 plants(dandylion and copy plant)
-using copy plants effect so hes lv 3, synch for queen of thorns(2 tokens from dandy)
-normal summon spore, synch 4 black rose, switch marshmallon 2 atk position(with its effect)
-spore effect remove queen so it comes back as lv 7, synch with token for stardust
-seed cannon effect to deal 2500
-Attack marshmallon with black rose and stardust for 4900 damage

I win cheers

A real kick to the seeds Mokeym12

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A real kick to the seeds
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