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 Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO

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Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO Empty
PostSubject: Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO   Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 12:52 am

0. Free and browser based.

1. Dueling Network/DMG mesh sort of environment.

2. Automatic interface, but with the option to turn on " ARE YOU SURE " for certain triggers, like you can set what actions will need confirmation.

3. A world where you can walk around, and either initiate duels by standing the right distance and beginning a duel... Or, you go to a table or arena and click a "seek" option, and you will be paired with a duelist with a similar win/loss ratio... OR you can send a duel request to someone on the userlist.

4. Private messaging enabled

5. block-list disabling users on this list to Duel, contact you, or even see your profile's existence.

6. Tag Duels, Turbo Duels, and FFA's enabled... Duel Watching enabled.

7. 3 Formats:(1) Advanced ( added to win/loss ratio ). (2) Traditional ( Excluded from win/loss ratio... so people who want to test decks can seek a traditional duel but say " testing advanced" (3) Anime/Custom: Advanced Format, but with anime cards and custom cards created by the users ( THESE WILL BE LIMITED/MODERATED AS NECESSARY, this is decided on by the votes of the administrators present )

8. Custom Card Creator. A card creation system within the game, where players can create a card. upload an image for it... etc... Then the administration will review the cards sent in, make any changes or simply reject cards as needed. These will only be available in Custom Format.

9. All profanities will be censored to a respective card name. f**k = Kuriboh, s**t = Saggi, d**k/Cock = Kuribolt, Cunt/Pussy = Winged Kuriboh, Ass = Ojama,... ALL shocksite urls that exist will be entered into a database, and will be censored and become links to the Yugioh wiki. This excludes Rick/rolls and other harmless trolls.

10. Avatar Customization. Something similar but not as complex as the WC avatars from the DS. I mean similar in the face/bust graphic, but the over-world graphic will be simplified for neatness. Specific outfit pieces can be purchased with points you get from tournaments/duels. Also some accessories only available by beating certain members of the administration that pose as anime characters. ( millineum items, signer marks, Rune eyes, Biclour/Jaden(s4) eyes. )

11. Human and Astral people playable as avatar skins.

12. Card sleeves unlocked by achievements... such as " Yusei Fudo " card sleeves are unlocked by winning a duel by direct attacking with any of the Junk or Star/Quasar Synchros. Gadget sleeves are unlocked by controlling one of each gadget at once... Card sleeves are further customize-able with attribute stickers/type stickers ( the icons from the WC games ) Card sleeves are applied to a deck by choosing them in the deck construction menu. This is so that when you duel you can tell what deck is which with both a text list and a deck with an image you will recognize.

13. Customizeable D-Wheels ( Duel Runners ) D-wheels are used when riding duels ( turbo duels ) are initiated, you go one loop and the first to cross the finish line goes first. Similar to the rule in the anime where the first to turn the corner goes first.

14. A few pre-made D-gazers will be allotted to be equipped to your Avatar.

15. Tournaments can be created by anyone, and the brackets will generate themselves so you can host a tourney and join it without conflict of interest. Tournament hosters can create custom additions/subtractions to the banned/limited list, these will be available to see when a player choses to join the tournament.

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Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO Empty
PostSubject: Re: Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO   Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 12:05 pm

The time when you realize how much work it will take to make it.
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Formula for the ultimate Yugioh MMO
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